CG Standards


From Standard to Special.

We support our customers with a comprehensive range of services that ensure high-quality cooperation from the first meeting to reliable delivery.

Consulting & Analysis

Before we act, we determine exactly what needs to be done. We are available to our customers as experienced consultants who both create detailed inventories and identify market potential and market changes. On the basis of concrete facts, we plan the framework conditions for future cooperation and also include optimisation options.



Our distribution benefits from the high reliability of our procurement. We vary flexibly between the three different methods of single sourcing, dual sourcing and global sourcing, and combine them into a system that makes us a secure source of supply for customers. What’s more, our distribution offers advantages such as automated delivery, fixed ordering processes without high administrative effort, and low transport costs.


State-of-the-art laboratory technology and qualified, experienced teams allow us to analyse, test and further develop well-equipped laboratory areas around the clock, even for complex needs. From sampling and inspecting agreed specifications to detailed documentation, we ensure that each delivery reaches our customers in a qualitatively flawless manner and fully within the framework of legal regulations and requirements.

Quality Management

Quality must meet the same stringent requirements in all areas to provide our customers with the best possible solution and support.
The validation and approval of trusted supplier partners as well as our qualified employees enable comprehensive and high-quality product information to be developed for our raw materials – always up to date.
We are happy to support you with questions regarding classification and storage. We are always the first point of contact for our customers when dealing with hazardous substances and hazardous goods.
We continually review our own processes and requirements to deliver the best quality to our customers – from procurement to manufacturing and storage to delivery – the entire value creation chain. 



Modern, computer-controlled filling with powerful suction and calibrated scales allows us to efficiently mix even difficult products. Whether decanting, dissolving, grinding, sifting, packaging or the preparation of intermediate products: it goes without saying that all work steps are always carried out in accordance with the applicable legal requirements. We are professionals in manufacturing and are happy to advise, among other things, regarding a make-or-buy decision.

Labelling & Packaging

From standard to special solutions – we offer the complete range. From 1l containers to 50 t railway tank cars – from 300-litre IBCs and single-use bags to the specially developed reusable solution CG-Tainer for pharmaceutical production.

Transport & Distribution

We are on the road for our customers: in Germany, Europe and the whole world. With a perfectly functioning transport network of partner forwarding agents and our own ever-growing fleet of trucks, special tankers and hazardous goods transporters. With specially trained drivers, loaders and unloaders as well as effective transport and logistics concepts. With regular maintenance and technical inspection of our fleet. We get each of our customers’ loads to their destination on time.

Just two examples: At a regional level, we offer our customers the greatest possible flexibility and deliver just-in-time 365 days a year – including a special emergency service. Of course, our logistics experts also know how to handle shipments worldwide and how to equip them with the appropriate export documents for customs and the respective country.

Small container filling system

As a specialist for liquid mixtures we are there for our customers with our own small container filling system. It benefits from the qualities that characterise all of our process chains. Two 30m3 stainless steel tanks with agitator and cleaning nozzles are available for this filling.

EDI / Telemetry

The inventory management system at CG is geared towards electronic data exchange and simplifies ordering processes. Our customers place their requests conveniently via a web portal, we take care of the electronic processing of the data until the goods are delivered. Additonaly we are measureing and monitoring stocks by using electronic telemetry transmission. As soon as a jointly defined reorder level has been reached, a message is automatically sent to our customer service department in order to input a delivery order.

Our experts are here for you: