Quality & Certificates

The highest possible quality for you.


We live and breathe quality. For our customers. And for us. Every day. And according to standards that are above the norm in all sections of the process chains – from qualified employees to compliant production and safe delivery.

Quality has been a tradition with us right from the start and, in addition to reliability, precision and customer support, is one of the most important values that has made us successful in the chemical industry. This is why we only deliver the best possible quality for our customers, which we can constantly reproduce again and again. How do we do that? With excellent quality management, qualified employees, trustworthy supplier partners and a service that provides perfect support.

Our quality management and environmental management system, membership of the Responsible Care Initiative and the voluntary ESAD II assessment demonstrate the great importance of quality, safety, environmental protection and occupational health and safety in our company. Added to this is our social responsibility. Here, too, we take a position with our corporate social responsibility, Compliance Guidelines and our Code of Conduct.

We are “qualified” for you!

State-of-the-art laboratory technology and experienced employees work around the clock to test, analyse and develop for complex needs. In this way, we ensure that agreed specifications and promised product qualities are also fulfilled. In addition, we will provide you with the necessary documentation through our quality assurance system (reports and certificates of analysis)

We are “agile” for you!

We are constantly evolving ourselves and our products to achieve flexible, solution-oriented results for our customers. This includes the further education and training of our employees. In addition, we continually review and improve our own processes and requirements – from procurement to manufacturing and storage to delivery.

We are “sustainable” for you!

We assist our customers with our regulatory support in regard to all questions concerning the handling of hazardous substances and hazardous goods. Our experts answer comprehensive questions about all legal bases, provide information about changes and offer assistance with corporate law issues or regulations from the authorities. These include the German Ordinance on Biocides and Hazardous Substances, export and tariff control, the German Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance, REACH Regulation, including monitoring and implementing legislative changes.
Quality is also characterised by our social responsibility, we take a position: with our Corporate Social Responsibility, Compliance Guidelines and our Code of Conduct.

Our certificates


We leave nothing to chance and are comprehensively certified!

We live and breathe quality. For our customers. And for us. Every day. And according to standards that are above the norm in all sections of the process chains – from qualified employees to compliant production and safe delivery.

Product quality

Product quality at all levels.


Our products, raw materials and packaging are handled in accordance with strict quality management guidelines. In addition to our experts, we rely on our internal laboratories in order to be able to operate faster and more flexibly. This enables us to achieve the product qualities that are crucial for our customers, their areas of application and their requirements.


The qualities available:

  • Pharmaceutical quality (suitable for pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical products or pharmacies)
  • Food quality (for use in the food industry, e.g. as a food additive, identifiable by the E numbers)
  • Technical quality (for industrial use)


Depending on the area of application, there are different requirements for a product. For instance, a product intended for a technical application does not need to be of food grade. Nevertheless, a product of technical quality can also be considered for other applications with higher demands. However, the technical product has not been tested for this purpose and is thus not approved for this. For higher quality levels, specific analyses are required, such as for classification as a food additive or for pharmaceutical use. For these analyses, the products are examined for a wide range of parameters in batches.
So, if you choose a high-quality product, it will contain fewer foreign substances such as other materials or heavy metals. For all of the parameters, there are limit values for food or pharmaceutical quality that must be complied with.

Higher quality can be used in all areas of application that require lower quality, but not vice versa.