CG 1962 for Partners & Suppliers

Successful together.

In order to offer our customers a wide range of services and products, we work with global manufacturers and traders as well as specialists in all niches of chemical applications – and always maintain relationships on an equal footing.
After all, for us, these relationships are just as important as those with our customers. Innovative, qualified and sustainable cooperation with a view towards the future is thus a top priority.


Services that partners benefit from:

  • Inventory building and distribution of products
  • Quality management
  • Technical and documentary support
  • Sampling in-house
  • Laboratory & application technology  
  • Services for clients
  • Consulting | Trends analysis | Markets | Reporting

Services that partners benefit from:

  • Manufacturing  
  • Standards & custom-made
  • Filling | Decanting
  • Mixing | Sieving | Grinding
  • Packing
  • Packaging & labelling
  • CG Logistics & fleet
  • Distribution network
  • Quality management
  • Process reliability

Vehicle and driver requirement profile for collections:

Senders, shipping agents and freight forwarders are legally obliged to ensure safe and legally compliant transport.

On collection:

The goods to be loaded in our company must be able to be secured by means of a tight fit or friction in order to meet the requirements for proper load securing (see § 22(1) StVO and § 23(1) StVO). The fulfilment of this duty of care is the responsibility of anyone responsible for the loading process, i.e. the driver as well as the loading personnel.

Vehicle requirements:

The vehicle must be in a technically sound condition. The loading floor must be dry, in a clean and tidy condition and accessible by forklift.

A sufficient number of load-securing materials must be provided in a technically sound and tested condition (including anti-slip mats, lock bars, tensioning boards, lashing points and lashing belts, edge protectors, empty pallets).

In the case of loaded vehicles, ensure that the loading can be carried out with a tight fit. All aids must be carried by the driver to secure the load in an appropriate manner.
ADR transports are generally carried out WITHOUT applying the exemption in accordance with ADR, so the transport unit is subject to labelling. In addition, ADR safety equipment for vehicles must be provided.

Driver requirements:

The driver must carry photo ID and a driving licence; in addition, in the case of ADR transport, a valid ADR certificate and protective equipment for the driver in accordance with written instructions (accident procedures sheet). Safety shoes and clothing must also be provided. When collecting products with a food, animal feed or pharmaceutical status (HACCP concept), the hygiene measures necessary when handling these goods must be observed. Making phone calls on the company premises is strictly prohibited. Mobile phones must be permanently switched off. Photography and filming are prohibited throughout the entire premises.

Drivers and vehicles that do not meet the above requirements will not be loaded. In addition, we reserve the right to pass on any costs incurred by non-compliance with these minimum requirements to the person responsible.

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