Loadings at CG

Requirements for vehicles and driver for loadings

According to legal regulations the shipper, transporter and forwarding agent are engaged to assure a transport which is secure and conforming to the law According to legal regulations.


A loading at CG will only be done, if the following minimum requirements are fulfilled:

Requirements vehicle:

  • Perfect technical conditions of the vehicle
  • The loading area must be dry, well-swept and accessible by a forklift truck.
  • Sufficient number of loading securing material in technically perfect and inspected conditions (slip-resistant mattings, rejection beams, tension boards, webbing load restraint assemblies, corner protector, empty pallets)
  • Sufficient and appropriate lashing points
  • It must be assured, that the revenue load can be loaded with form fit, if
  • vehicles want to load, which have already loaded other goods before. The driver
  • must have all securing materials for the loading assurance.
  • ADR-transports we be carried out in general WITHOUT the use of release
  • according to ADR, therefore it is mandatory to indentify the cargo accordingly.
  • ADR-safety equipment for vehicles
  • Cooling trucks only, if sufficient and appropriate lashing points are available

Requirements for driver:

  • Photo identification, for ADR-transports driver’s license AND valid ADR-license
  • For ADR-transport, protective equipment for the crew according to the written instructions (accident procedures sheet)
  • Safety shoes / safety clothing
  • The driver needs to reconsider the necessary hygienic measures for the handling of loadings of products with food / feed / or pharma status (HACCP-concept)
  • Using the phone is strictly prohibited on the company’s premises. Mobile phones must be switched off permanently.
  • Taking photographs and videotaping is explicitly prohibited on the company’s premises.



The compliance of this due diligence falls to everyone, who is responsible for loading, therefore, the forwarding agent as well as the loading staff.


Driver/vehicles, who / which do not fulfill the a. m. requirements, will not be loaded.

We reserve the right to pass on the charges to the responsible person, for nonobservance of these minimum requirements.

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