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in the automotive sector

Windscreen whasher (winter, summer, ready mix) 

Windscreen whasher, ethanol-free (1:100 concentrate) 


Brake cleaners 

Wheel cleaners

Hand cleaners

Oil binding agents (Ascal products / Penta / Sorbix) 

Cold cleaners (Isoparâ„¢ / white spirit / Pentasol 100 L)

Engine cleaners

Workshop cleaners

Sweeping wax 

Paint coagulation agents

Petroleum for testing and special applications


Water based flushing media (closed circular pipelines/rotary atomizers flushing) CG-Tech 5.0

Flushing media for 2-component coatings (closed circular pipelines/rotary atomizers flushing) 

De-icing salt/grit/magnesium chloride & solution / CG-Tech 1.6 

Cooling lubricant emulsion

Flocculants (Sachtoklar®) 

pH regulators 

Agents for cleaning bodywork, CG-Tens 5001

Gasket installation aids (propylene glycol) 

Impregnating agents

Test fluids for coolant testing, CG-Test 2.0

Protective agent for liquids in cooling and process systems (Biocide PT 11)

Industrial and workplace hygiene CG-Clean 2020, CG-Antisept A

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