CG Pharma Logistics

Safely from the loading point to the user: Pharma logistics.


With dedicated supply sources, specialised in-house storage capacities and attentive, early material planning, we ensure that our range of chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry is available reliably and at prices that are optimised for fluctuations.


The highest quality

At precisely the right time.


Logistics specifically tailored to the requirements of the industry also ensure that each batch reaches its users safely and in a pure condition.
We operate with our own fleet of pharma vehicles and an assigned team. An integral part of the concept are exclusive ISO tanks, which allow for distribution without product changeovers. We also take a zero compromise approach to quality control: We generally rely on batch-related complete analyses, which we carry out before storage.

Our customers benefit from flows of goods that are in transit for them 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Always with a clearly defined goal: to have the products you want in the best quality in the right place at the desired time.


Our experts are here for you: