Information on how to handle the virus.

Mandatory mask-wearing at CG
As of 1st June, all partners and suppliers must wear a mask. No access to the company premises is granted without a mask.

Coronavirus Pandemic | Update 1st September 2020

Potential delivery delays and price increases due to the pandemic

Dear customers,

The continued global incidence of the SARS-COV-2 pathogen continues to present us with unforeseeable challenges.
At CG Chemikalien, we work every day to ensure that your company is reliably and punctually supplied with the products you want and need for your business. We are also generally able to do this, not least thanks to prudent planning, the high level of personal commitment from our team and the quality of the supply chains we have established.

However, given the situation, we are still faced with the possibility that we will not be able to fulfil all of our contractually agreed delivery obligations to you as usual, as global flows of goods have not yet returned to the level they were at before the outbreak of the pandemic.
In the major producer countries in particular, serious regional outbreaks continue to cause restrictions on delivery capacity. It is also likely that we will not always be able to supply you with products that are currently in high demand, such as to produce disinfectants or solutions for testing, as usual.
The result is an overall picture in which, with all due care, it is currently not possible for us as your supplier to predict or even prevent delays, bottlenecks or even failures. Shortage-related price increases can also be one of the unpleasant effects of the global pandemic.

This may mean that we will not be able to supply to you or will not be able to supply to you in full as contractually agreed, without CG Chemikalien being at fault. We would therefore like to point out as a precaution that we will also assert, if necessary, the rights to which we are contractually or legally entitled in the event of force majeure.

We hope that you understand, that such cases will remain a rare exception and that, together, we will all overcome the challenges ahead.

Yours sincerely,


U. Klass             P. Klass